• Rules:

    1. Remember to ask permission

    2. Listen to and follow directions

    3. Arrive to class on time

    4. Engage and work hard in class

    5. Respect school and teacher property

    6. Use class/work time wisely

    7. Be a motivated self-starter

    8. Be encouraging and helpful to others

    9. Keep clear of disruptions

    10. Hall passes are limited to three per quarter

    11. Be prepared with class supplies

    12. Show respect to others

    13. Do assignments/projects on time



    First offense - verbal warning

    Second offense - spin the wheel to see how many times you must hand write the district honor code (about one full page)

    Third offense - phone call or email to parents

    Fourth offense - official write up/referral to administration

    *Cussing, fighting, or blatant disruptive behavior to the classroom environment will result in immedate referral to administration.