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  • Important Information for Seniors 2020

    ● Your cap/gown fee must be paid prior to receiving your cap, gown, stole,and tassel.
    ● The gowns belong to you; therefore, you will not be returning them.

    ● There will be 1 mandatory graduation practice . The mandatory practice
    will be in Gym 1 on Tuesday, July 14th at:
    ❖ 9:00 am: A - G
    ❖ 11:00 am: H - P
    ❖ 1:00 pm: Q - Z

    Herff Jones will be back on campus next Tuesday

    during graduation practice between 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

    for any last minute graduation needs.


    ● The Von Braun Center (VBC) doors will open 45 minutes prior to each
    graduation on Wednesday, July 15th. Your parents and guests may come at
    that time. Graduates must be present no later than 8:15 am for A - G; 10:45
    am for H - P; and 1:15 pm for Q - Z.

    ○ Each graduate will receive 8 tickets at practice. In order to comply
    with VBC and CDC guidelines, guests may only sit in groups of 4.
    ○ Every guest requiring a seat must have a ticket for admission into the
    VBC Arena.
    ○ Only the graduate will receive graduation tickets.

    ○ *** This information is subject to change: The cost for parking is:
    City Garage $5 per vehicle, South Hall $10 per vehicle, and North Hall
    $10 per vehicle. (There will be no charge for parking at the VBC Lot
    for rehearsal; however, if anyone parks at the City Garage during
    rehearsal and pays for parking, keep your ticket and you will not be
    charged for parking in the same area that night.)
    ○ The Boy Scout lot is no longer there. $5.00 parking on the City lots
    and $10.00 on the VBC lots.

    Graduation Dress Code is as follows: Black pants, black socks and
    shoes, white shirt, dark tie for our young men and our young ladies
    will wear a black dress or black slacks, and black shoes (absolutely
    NO FLIP FLOPS ). Please keep jewelry to a minimum (only small
    earrings or a watch).

    ● Upon arrival at VBC, ALL students will report to the EAST Hall:
    ○ Nurses will check your temperature.
    ○ If you have a temperature, you will NOT be able to participate in the

    ○ Everyone entering the VBC is required to wear a mask.

    Masks will be provided to all students prior to graduation. Students
    are required to wear the provided masks prior to the start of the
    ceremony. Once on the floor, you have the option of keeping your
    mask on or taking it off during the ceremony.

    ● In order to comply with VBC and CDC guidelines, as students leave during
    the recessional they will be required to leave the VBC property, go straight
    to their vehicles, and not congregate.

    ● Be sure all outstanding debts have been taken care of before attempting to
    pick up your diploma. Outstanding debts include library fees, lost books
    (textbooks or library books), uniforms, drivers’ education fees, etc. A hold
    will be placed on your diploma until these debts have been resolved.

    ● Diploma pickup will be at the Sparkman High School on Thursday, July 16th:
    ❖ 9:00 - 9:45: A - G
    ❖ 9:45 - 10: 30 : H - P
    ❖ 10:30 - 11:15: Q - Z

    ● As a reminder, if the administration deems that a behavior violation has
    taken place at graduation, a student will have to complete 40 supervised
    work hours before receiving their diploma.

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