Attendance Requirements

  • Alabama law requires local school systems to be responsible for the attendance of all mandatory school-age children 7-17 years of age. MCVA will follow attendance policies as outlined in the MCSS Student Code of Conduct. Cases of nonattendance without a valid reason will be investigated by the local Attendance Officer. The following actions are required: 

    • MCVA students MUST sign in each day that school is in session based on the MCSS School Calendar. Students will sign in within the 24 hour period (prior to midnight each day). 

    • Students who do not sign in daily will be counted as ‘absent’ and the parent and student will be held accountable under the Code of Alabama (1975) § 16-28-15, and may be required to attend additional lab time in order to ensure that they are receiving the instruction needed to be successful at MCVA. 

    • In the event of sickness or absence due to a death, please send the doctor’s note(s) or a copy of the funeral announcement via email if the student will not be able to sign in. Parents may also submit up to four notes per semester for personal illness. These will be considered excused absences.