Course Description

  • This class is designed to teach students the skills they will need to become successful musicians.  Students will learn music reading skills, how to play their chosen instrument, history of musical genres and composers, and music appreciation.  This class includes required rehearsals, individual practice, and performances.  Students will be performing/rehearsing daily from their exercise book/assigned sheet music and out of class practice is necessary for success.

    The Beginning Band consists of 6th grade students in their first year of band.  It is for those students wishing to learn how to play an instrument in the band setting.  This ensemble will prepare them for their future in music by teaching them how to make a characteristic sound on their instrument, correct posture, correct breathing, how to read notes on the treble and bass staves, note names and values, time signatures, and other musical content.  Students will also be working towards the goal of performing at band concerts.

    The Beginning Band is made up of students in three separate band classes.  The group will perform at the winter and spring concerts, as well as certain pre-scheduled performances at RIS.  Performance dates are included in the calendar at the end of the handbook, and will also be announced well before the performance to give parents and students time to plan their schedules.