How Do We Communicate?

  • Welcome to Madison County Schools! We love hearing from you and we have many ways of communication which include:

    • BBComm- mass notification to parents, students, staff, and community via email, text, and phone messages
    • Mobile App- download from Apple or Google
    • Social Media- MCSS and schools post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
    • Teacher Communication- Teachers use email, text, and phone messages
    • Peachjar- emailed informationa flyers designed to reduce the use of paper flyers
    • Website- all schools and MCSS have a website
    • Newsletters- Most schools publish a newsletter
    • Spotlight- Spotlight is a bi-monthly MCSS newsletter focusing on the achievements and successes happening in MCSS schools
  • What is BBComm?
    BBComm is a collection of three modes of communication- mass notification(text/email/phone/app), teacher communication(text/email/phone/app), and mobile app- that MCSS is currently utilizing. We will no longer send mass communication via Google Groups or InTouch phone messenger.  On July 1, 2021, BBComm will be the sole method of mass communication for MCSS.

    Will I receive messages?
    BBComm contact information comes from INow(soon PowerSchool). In order to receive information from Madison County Schools or from your school, you must have current contact information in INow. 

    What if I don't receive messages?
    Please contact your school to have information in INow updated.  If your friends and neighbors are getting messages from us and you aren't, it's safe to assume we don't have current contact information for you.

    Can I opt out of specific modes of communication?
    Yes, you can choose which mode of communication works best for you. Each diffent mode has an 'opt-out' option. NOTE: If you opt out of all modes of communication, you will NOT receive non-emergency messages, but you will receive any emergency messages sent by the district or school. You may still receive notifications via the mobile app once it is operational.

    Who on the list of contacts will receive information?
    Anyone listed as parent/guardian will receive messages. Emergency contacts will only receive messages that are designated 'emergency' messages.

    How can other people receive messages?
    Visit this link:   At the very bottom of the page is this message: Want to keep up with the latest news and updates from Madison County School District?  They can sign up to receive messages from any school and the district.