Classroom Rules and Policies

  • Start of Class

    • Come in to room in an orderly fashion.
    • Take out required materials
    • Check the board for warm up work and begin the assignment

    During Class

    • Stay in your seat; if you need to sharpen your pencil or get a tissue, please do this quietly and courteously.
    • Do not call out without first raising your hand.

    Leaving the Room
    Raise your hand
    Wait to be acknowledged
    Receive permission to leave the room
    Get hall pass (sign in/out)

    • Food and drinks are permitted (for now), but please do not share your provisions with classmates.
    • If you neglect to follow rule number three, please let me know at the very beginning of class. You will not get extra time on an assignment because you did not have paper or a writing utensil.

    End of Class

    • Please do not pack your things early, wait until I give permission.
    • When the bell rings, everyone must be in their seats.

    Electronic Use in the Classroom

    • Upon entering the class, you should place your cellular device in your pocket or bag. 
    • You may have the opportunity to use your device during class for research, reading, finding definitions, etc. You may only use your device for these reasons and only when I have decreed it so.
    • Electronic devices may be charged only at the designated charging stations. They must be plugged in before class and you should not leave your seat to check it during class.