Course Description- Spanish I

  • ¡Hola! Welcome to Señora Lyon’s Spanish class. I am very excited and enthusiastic about having each of you in my class this year. This class will be a different and exciting learning experience for everyone. Each and every student will have the opportunity to learn another language as well as the various cultures associated with Spanish. With everyone’s cooperation, we can accomplish our goal of learning and understanding a second language. 

    Learning a foreign language is about much more than just words and rules; it also involves culture and communication. Therefore, the majority of the class will be conducted in Spanish in order to provide a more authentic learning experience. Students will be using the language everyday through the basic skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking. We will be doing a variety of different activities including group work, pair work, presentations, hands-on activities, special projects, readings, lectures, and much more. Through these types of activities, the students will not only begin to acquire the Spanish language, but also begin to understand the Spanish culture and way of life.