Classroom Rules & Policies

  • These rules are designed to help the classroom run more smoothly and efficiently so that everyone will have the opportunity to learn.

    • Be on time and in your seat working on the bell activity when the bell rings.
    • Be prepared for class everyday. Bring your books, notebooks, pens, and other supplies to class.
    • Have no gum, food, or drink in the classroom.
    • Actively participate in all classroom discussions and activities.
    • Be respectful of others, yourself, and classroom materials at all times.
    • All system and school rules are applicable.


    Students who break the above rules will receive these consequences. Major discipline issues result in immediate office referral. If you fail to stay for your 1st day of detention, you will receive two days of detention. Detention is the day following your offense. There are no excuses for delaying detention. 

    • 1st offense – Warning 
    • 2nd offense – 15 minute detention (after school) 
    • 3rd offense – Contact parents and 30 minute detention (after school) 
    • 4th offense – Office referral

    Reminder Students should remember that this course is a requirement for anyone on the Advanced Diploma/college bound track. It is not a typical elective course. Therefore, daily study and preparation time are required in order to be successful in this class. You are a high school student, which means that you are responsible for your own actions and behaviors. This is a very new and difficult course and all concepts build on previous material. This means that you must take this course seriously! 

    Classroom Supplies Students must bring their supplies to class everyday (this includes a textbook and workbook)!! I do not have supplies to loan students. Students will need to purchase the following materials: 

    1. Spanish/English dictionary (a good dictionary can be found at local bookstores for $8 to $10) 2. Colored pencils/crayons 3. 3 ring binder (separate from other subjects) 4. Paper 5. Pens/pencils Also, any donations that students would like to make, such as Kleenex, hand sanitizer, paper towels, or any other classroom supply, would be greatly appreciated because I cannot supply these throughout the entire semester. Many of these things are very useful during cold and flu season. 

    Student Station There will be an area with things such as a stapler, a three-hole punch, a trashcan, paper towels, tissues, etc. in the classroom. Students may use these supplies as needed without asking for permission. However, students should not get up to use these supplies during the middle of instructions, a lecture, a presentation, etc. Return what you borrow. 

    Entering the Classroom Students will be on time and be in their seat when the bell rings. The students should begin their bell work activity as soon as they enter the classroom. Students should also locate their homework and have it ready to be handed in. 

    Bell Activity This is an assignment of 5 minutes at the beginning of class in order to review previous material or to prepare for the upcoming lesson. Each day, it will be posted on the television before the students enter the room. Each student should write the date, the question, and the answer to the bell activity. These assignments will be discussed in class and should be placed in your notebook to be checked at the end of each nine weeks (test grade). You may write multiple bell activities on the same sheet of paper. All the bell activities should be kept together at the front of your notebook and should be kept in chronological order. 

    Tardies Students who are not in their seat when the bell rings are tardy and will suffer the appropriate consequences. A student must have a pass from the attendance office in order to enter the classroom after the late bell. 

    Turning in Assignments Students will be instructed to hand in assignments by the teacher. Have assignments ready to be turned in when the bell rings. 

    Homework Assignments Homework will be assigned as needed because it is important to review class material and practice at home. Homework is generally an effort based grade. Sometimes, it will be checked for completion; other times, it will be checked for accuracy; and other times, it will not be checked at all. Homework is often graded using an open notes/homework quiz. The teacher will instruct the students at the beginning of class to turn in homework if necessary. Students should correct their paper and ask questions if homework is gone over/discussed in class. Homework should not be worked on during class unless the teacher instructs you to use class time for this. 

    Group/Pair Work Activities Students will be doing a lot of group/pair work in this class. All students are expected to contribute to the assignment and to work collaboratively with the other student(s) in the group. 

    Notebook Requirements Each student is required to keep a 3-ring binder for this class. All work should be placed chronologically in this notebook according to section (bell activities, vocab, notes, textbook/workbook, and worksheets). Students should place all materials in the appropriate section. Well-organized notebooks are extremely important because we reference previous material on a daily basis. This is also very important for reference in your future Spanish classes. 

    Restroom Procedures Every nine weeks, the students will be allowed 2 emergency restroom passes. If the student wishes to use one of these, he/she should have it signed by the teacher before leaving the room. Students must ask to use the restroom in Spanish and should not interrupt a lesson. It is the student’s responsibility not to lose these passes. Thus, no bathroom pass means that you are not going to the bathroom. Students must also take the school hall pass from the student station before leaving the classroom. Exceptions will be made under extenuating and uncontrollable circumstances. 

    Absences and Make-Up Work The student is responsible for all make-up work after presenting an excused absence to the attendance office. 

    • There will be a folder in the student station for each period that contains all of the assignments for each missed day. A student who is absent should refer to this folder for any missed assignments. The student’s name and date will be on each missed assignment (instructions and handouts will also be included in the make-up work). 
    • Students will have 1 week to turn in any make up assignments. This week will begin on the day the student returns to class and after this week, I will not accept make-up work and the student will receive a zero.
    • If an assignment is discussed in class, the student will receive an alternate assignment in order to receive credit.
    • Students must complete make-up work on their own and not copy the answers from the board when the teacher discusses them.
    • If an assignment is due on the day you are absent, it is due the day you return to school.
    • Make-up tests:
      • Option 1: Will be taken during the next homeroom. See Mrs. Lyon for a pass.
      • Option 2: Will be given in class the day you return to school. Tests are announced in advance. Thus, you should be prepared to take the test the day you return to school. If you are absent and new material is covered before a test, you will be given the equivalent amount of days this material was covered in class before you are given your test. It is your responsibility to get notes/material/assignments covered in class while you are taking your test.
    • If it is an extended absence, alternate plans for making up work/tests can be arranged.
    • It is always the student’s responsibility to see the teacher and/or another student for missed assignments, notes, projects, and/or tests. I will not constantly remind students about make-up work and tests. It is the students’ responsibility to check the board for upcoming due dates and announcements.
    • When you are absent from Spanish class, you will fall extremely behind because we cover numerous concepts each day. It can be very difficult to catch up because learning a foreign language is a new, different, and difficult concept. This means that copying someone's notes is hard because you may not understand what the notes mean without direct instruction from the teacher. Attendance is vital if you want to pass this class. 

    Late Work Assignments should be turned as the teacher asks for them. The due date for any major assignments and projects will be given in advance. I will only accept work that is one day late. After one day, I will not accept the assignment. Late work will be reduced 25% of the total possible points. Work that is left at home, in another class, in your locker, etc. is considered late work. Occasionally, major projects will have more severe late penalties, but these penalties are stated at the beginning of the project. 

    Cheating Anyone caught cheating on any assignment will receive an automatic grade of 0. Cheating and plagiarism are absolutely unacceptable! Cheating also includes talking during and/or after a test and using your phone during a test. Copying someone’s homework is cheating. You do not receive a second chance if you are caught cheating. Students are expected to complete work individually unless otherwise instructed to work collaboratively. 

    Visitors If anyone enters the room, you should continue working as if no one were present. Your behavior will form an opinion of our class and I expect this opinion be a good one!! 

    Extra Help/Tutoring Tutoring, proofreading, etc. is done by appointment only. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule tutoring. 

    Participation Everyone is expected to actively participate in all class activities. Not participating can result in a zero for the day.