• Students and parents,

    I am looking forward to this 20-21 school year despite the challenges it is bringing. Yet,  If you notice the syllabus attached to my website, it is for a face to face class.  Therefore, I wanted to mention some changes.

    First, of all- there is NO fee for a virtual class.

    Second, I am doing my best to create a stress free class. It will require some reading and writing on your own, but I assure you that I will be available during school hours. I am also very good about responding to email in a timely manner. If you have any questions, please contact me at pglover@mcssk12.org.  I also plan to link videos and recordings .

    Third, first semester may not be the same as second semester. If we are meeting face to face 2nd semester, classes will be more like what I have done in the past but with new, improved tweaking.

    With all that said, I am very sad that I will not be able to meet you in person, but hope that you will be able to join our Google meets. I am still learning our new system, but I will update as I can.

    IMPORTANT: Updated grades will be in INOW rather than SchoolsPLP.

    First semester students- We are going to get through this!  You are going to be doing some beginning acting.  So far, I know you will be recording a monologue and pantomime of yourself and sending it to me.  I will have instructions for this on your lessons. Also, I am very hopeful that I will see you after fall break, and as of now I do plan for us to present a one act.  We will follow social distancing and if we cannot have a live audience, I will think of something.

    Again, although I would love to see you face to face, we are going to make this work.
    Mrs. Glover