Classroom Rules & Policies

  • 1. Be respectful. Follow all school rules and policies. Never violate another person’s physical, mental, or emotional well-being. Monitor and regulate your language. Look and speak like young professionals.

    2. Arrive on time, ready to learn. Bring all materials needed for class.

    3. Sleeping and/or putting your head down in class is unacceptable.

    4. Always raise your hand if you’d like to ask or answer a question, or need assistance. Please do not interrupt a lesson to ask an off-topic question.

    5. Personal electronics are strictly prohibited unless otherwise stated.

    6. Food and drinks are not allowed in the classroom; you may bring water as long it is in a covered bottle.

    7. Be responsible for your own learning. Students caught cheating will receive a zero and a phone call home (first offense). Both the student who shares his or her work for an independent assignment AND the person who copies it will have the same consequences. Plagiarism will also result in a Zero and a phone call home.

    8. Be positive, have fun, and always try your best! ☺