Second Grade Student Competencies

  • The following student competencies will be developed through classroom guidance lessons led by the counselor

    Second grade students will:

    • Develop hobbies and vocational interests
    • Identify personal skills, interests and abilities and relate them to current career choice
    • Demonstrate awareness of the education and training needed to achieve career goals
    • Understand the relationship between educational achievement and career success
    • Learn how to use conflict management skills with peers and adults
    • Identify values, attitudes and beliefs
    • Recognize personal boundaries, rights and privacy needs
    • Recognize, accept and appreciate ethnic and cultural diversity
    • Know that communication involves speaking, listening and nonverbal behavior
    • Identify alternative solutions to a problem
    • Develop effective coping skills for dealing with problems
    • Know how to apply conflict-resolution skills
    • Know when peer pressure is influencing a decision
    • Learn about the relationship between rules, laws, safety and the protection of rights of the individual
    • Learn about the emotional and physical dangers of substance use and abuse
    • Learn techniques for managing stress and conflict