Sixth Grade Student Competencies

  • The following student competencies will be developed through classroom guidance lessons led by the counselor

    Sixth Grade Students will:

    • Seek information and support from faculty, staff, family, and peers
    • Organize and apply academic information from a variety of sources
    • Use knowledge of learning styles to positively influence school performance
    • Apply knowledge of aptitudes and interests to goal setting
    • Identify post-secondary options consistent with interests, achievement, aptitude and abilities
    • Seek co-curricular and community experiences to enhance the school experience
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the value of lifelong learning as essential to seeking, obtaining and maintaining life goals
    • Understand that school success is the preparation to make the transition from student to community member
    • Develop skills to locate, evaluate and interpret career information
    • Understand the importance of planning
    • Pursue and develop competency in areas of interest
    • Acquire employability skills such as working on a team and problem-solving and organizational skills
    • Understand the importance of responsibility, dependability, punctuality, integrity and effort in the workplace
    • Identify long- and short-term goals
    • Identify alternative ways of achieving goals
    • Develop an action plan to set and achieve realistic goals
    • Learn coping skills for managing life events