• Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!


    I.     College and Career Readiness (CCR) Requirements 


    1. CCRI: Each senior must meet College and Career Readiness Indicators (CCRI) as set forth by the Alabama State Department of Education. They only have to satisfy ONE (1) of the below:

    • 1. A benchmark score on any section of the ACT test (English-18; Science-23; Reading-22; Math-22),

      2. A qualifying score (3) on an AP or (4) or higher on an IB exam,

      3. One transcripted college/postsecondary credit while in high school, with a minimum grade of “D”

      4. ACT WorkKeys- Silver or higher certificate (a score of 4 on each of the three subtests),

      5. Career Technical Credential- The student must earn a credential on the approved list for the CTE program declared at the school. The student must be declared in that program. 

      6. Career Technical Education Completer -The student must complete three courses in one CTE program as outlined in memo FY22-2065, and have earned a 70 or higher in each of the three courses (i.e., Family Consumer Science, Food, Sports Nutrition),

      7. Career Technical Education Apprenticeship - The student must complete the requirements for completing an In-School Youth Apprenticeship as defined by the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship

      8. Documented acceptance for enlistment into the military. The student must enlist in a branch of the military before graduating high school. An official letter from the recruiter stating the student has enlisted.


    2. FAFSA: Each senior must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

    Instructions on this can be found at fafsa.gov  and in the College and Career Standard Operating Procedures.

    The FAFSA opens every year in October.  The exact date varies from year to year.


    3. WorkKeys: Each senior must take the WorkKeys exam

    Instructions on this can be found in the College and Career Standard Operating Procedures (Coming Soon):


    4. Senior DATA Collection Report: Each senior must complete the Senior Data Report and state their postsecondary plans.



    5. Scholarship/Award/Military Reporting

    Each senior is expected to report their awards and recognitions, including military assignments, and scholarships offered--even if you do not plan to accept the scholarship.  Instructions on this can be found at  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScaMbJ3-FyI4_jsdy3pHykMovriJ4qDdaZrvDNtJrcOXzmRaQ/viewform and in the College and Career Standard Operating Procedures as listed below: 

    Military Bound: 

    • The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) will be offered at SHS on 11-09 2023 at 8:30 AM in the media center. Register here:

      ASVAB Registration

    • List “military” on your Senior Data Collection Form report. 

    • It is crucial that you:

      • Submit a copy of your signed military contract to the College and Career Center. We cannot list you as attending without this paperwork. We cannot sell you a military cord to wear at graduation without this paperwork.

      • Also, insert your military acceptance into the Senior Awards Portal.  For Senior Awards Day, we only prepare slides for those students who indicate they will attend by submitting their registration and information to the Senior Awards Portal 

    6. Communication Expectations

    Each senior is expected to join the College and Career Google Classroom, as this is where the CCR Counselor posts information pertaining to all of the above requirements; the CCGC is where scholarship announcements, career opportunities, special events, workshops, etc. are posted. I send real-time information first to seniors using the College and Career Google Classroom.  They can adjust their notification settings  

    Join here: 

    Using their Sparkman High School provided email address, students join a College and Career Google Classroom (CCGC) with a class code:

    ·         Go to classroom.google.com,

    ·         Identify the “+” sign and click it

    ·         Type in the class code:   

    ·         Class of 2024 Class Code: 3jmohsn     

    ·         Class of 2025 Class Code:  eijvgn7 


    II.  Getting Started:

    Students should establish an account with Google Classroom and join the College and Career Google Classroom. Important announcements and information about college and career activities are posted in the Classroom. Students can then invite their parents/guardians to receive a weekly digest. For security purposes, students should use their legal names and their school-provided email address when joining.

    College and Career Google Classroom (CCGC)

    Join a class with a class code:

    1. Go to classroom.google.com

    2. Identify the "+" sign and click it.

    3. Type in the class code



    III.   College and Career Standard Operating Procedures (Coming Soon!  Please Check Back on August 1st for the Updated Manual)