Principal's Message


    Welcome to our Wolf Pack at RIS!  Each morning I along with a group of selected students come on the intercom to set the tone for the day.  We focus on goal setting, motivational quotes, and the following chant students repeat after me:

    "One Wolf,"
    "One Pack,"
    "Our goals today,"
    "We WILL attack!"
    Our goal is to live out on a daily basis our vision, mission, and core values.  We desire to have as a shared responsibility a culture of kindness.  As a district, we want to focus on communication the "pillar" of transparency.  We want to guarantee your child receives a viable curriculum with high standards of criteria for behavior and rigor through the learning experiences we create.  Our Professional Learning Community as a school focuses on big ideas such as student learning, developing a collaborative culture (this includes you all as stakeholders as well), and a focus on results.  I am honored to serve alongside each of you in the RIS community.  I take responsibility to help control everything in my power to provide a safe and engaging learning environment for your child or children.  GO WOLVES! 
    Brian Givens