School Profile

  • School Profile

    • Accredited by AdvancED
    • Madison County Board of Education, District 2
    • 1,300+ students
    • 80 certified employees
    • 1 Principal and 4 Assistant Principals
    • 2 Library-Media Specialists
    • 4 Guidance Counselors
    • 1 School Resource Officer
    • 43 support employees
    • 6 National Board Certified Teachers

    Awards and Recognitions

    • Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School (2011 & 2018)
    • Blue Ribbon Point of Light School (2010)
    • State Department of Education's National Blue Ribbon (2001)
    • America's Most Challenging High Schools (Washington Post) (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)

    Programs and Initiatives

    • Culinary Academy
    • AgriScience
    • World Languages
    • Fine Arts
    • 15+ AP courses offered
    • Co-Op program

About BHS

  • School Colors- Blue and Gold

    Mascot- Bucks

    Buckhorn is located at the site of the American Civil War Skirmish of Buckhorn Tavern, fought on October 12, 1863, between General Phillip D. Roddey's Alabama Cavalry Brigade and a Union cavalry brigade commanded by General Robert Mitchell. 

    By tradition, the tavern took its name "Buckhorn" in 1858 when William L. Fanning killed a buck near the site and presented its antlers to the innkeeper. The antlers are now displayed at Buckhorn High School. The Madison County Board of Education bought land on November 19, 1956, from Annie Bruce Walker Short to construct a school.

    On August 29, 1958, as a result of consolidation of New Market and Riverton High School, Buckhorn High School opened with approximately 200 students. William Loyd Fanning presented the original horns to Buckhorn High School on December 12, 1958.

    To accommodate the rapid growth of New Market and the school, additions have been added over a span of 20 years, including a new library, 2 gyms, a technology wing, new science classrooms and labs, a new dining hall, a music wing, and the front atrium.