Our Mission & Vision

  • It is with great excitement that I am finally able to share our new NHES Mission and Vision.  With input from various school stakeholders, our Leadership Team wanted to have statements that reflect our love for the community and the children we serve.  We genuinely believe that what makes our school special are the parentersips we have with families and community.  We also wanted our mission and vision to reflect our shared educational beliefs.

    The MISSION of New Hope Elementary School is to empower students to LEARN, LEAD, and LOVE through partnerships with families and community.

    The VISION of New Hope Elementary School is to inspire students to make the world a better place as life-long learners and heart-centered leaders.


    1. We believe everyone can learn at high levels.
    2. We believe everyone can be a leader.
    3. We believe that respectful relationships promote unity, acceptance and worth.

    NHES Vision & Mission