School Profile

  • School Profile

    • Accredited by Cognia
    • Madison County Board of Education, District 3, Brian Brooks
    • 380+ students
    • 28+ certified employees
    • 20+ support employees
    • 1 Principal
    • 2 Assistant Principals
    • 1 Guidance Counselor
    • 1 Library-Media Specialist


About New Hope High School

  • The first established New Hope Public School was opened in 1920. As enrollment has increased over the years, many new structures have been built to lead us to where we are today. In 1958, a new high school structure was added that currently houses NHS' middle school classes.  In 1999, a new high school was built. An aspect of our campus that we find unique is that we share our campus with feeder school, New Hope Elementary. This arrangement lends itself to building a cohesive community environment.

    School Colors: Red and Blue

    Mascot: Indians