School Profile

  • School Profile

    • Accredited by Cognia
    • Madison County Board of Education, District 4, Dave Weis
    • 850+ students
    • 55 certified employees
    • 1 Principal 
    • 3 Assistant Principals
    • 1 Library-Media Specialist
    • 2 Guidance Counselors
    • 1 School Resource Officer
    • 22 support employees
    • 3 National Board Certified Educators- Merri Gardunia, Ann Johnson, Machiah Fuqua

    Awards and Recognition

    • Blue Ribbon Lighthhouse School of Excellence
    • CLAS School of Distinction
    • Solution Tree Model PLC School
    • Solution Tree Highly Effective Schools Accreditation 

About SMS

  • The Cougar Creed
    I will RESPECT adults, my peers, and myself.
    I will be a RESPONSIBLE member of my school and my community.
    I will build and maintain positive RELATIONSHIPS with my peers and adults.

    School Colors: Black, White, and Royal Blue

    Mascot: Cougar