School Profile

  • School Profile

    • Accredited by AdvancED
    • Madison County Board of Education, District 1, Nathan Curry
    • Madison County Board of Education, District 2, Angie Bates
    • 270+ students
    • 22 certified staff
    • 1 Principal
    • 1 Counselor
    • 1 Library-Media Specialist
    • 15 support staff

    Awards and Recognitions

    • Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School of Excellence, 2013, 2019
    • Federal Blue Ribbon School, 2013
    • National Title I School of Excellence
    • Green Power Team, Nationally Ranked 2nd Place in Goblin Class, 2018-19
    • FIRST LEGO League Robotics Team
    • FIRST LEGO League, Jr. Robotics Team
    • Alabama Reading Initiative Site
    • 3D Printer & Robotics

About Walnut Grove

  • The first building at Walnut Grove was built in 1920. The school was the community center for all kinds of activities other than school related programs and ball games. Walnut Grove’s name comes from the fact the building was once located among many black walnut trees. Most of the large walnut trees have been cut down for expansion of the school facilities. 

    In 1951 the old building was torn down and a new block building was built. A new gym was added in 1961. A library and new classrooms were added in the 1970’s. In 1989, a new lunchroom and classrooms were built. A new media center, special education classrooms, and teacher restroom facilities have also been constructed.

    School Colors: Red and Black

    Mascot: Bulldogs