Library Rules & Procedures

  • Welcome to the NMS library page.  Here, you may find information about our checkout procedures and loan periods, and about the librarian.  This site is also where you can check a book's reading level.


    • Be quiet and considerate.
    • Keep food and drinks away from books.
    • Do not write in library books.
    • Ask the librarian or library helper for help.
    • Handle books carefully.
    • Return library books on time.


    • Students in Pre-K – 1st may check out one book.
    • Students in 2nd – 6th grades may check out two books.
    • Books are due two weeks after checkout. No other books may be checked out by a student who has checked out their limit or who has an overdue book.
    • Students are responsible for the cost of lost or damaged books.
    • Students should not trade or “share” books due to the books being checked out in their names.
    • All books should be returned in the book return, not placed on the counter.
    • Students will check out books using their lunch number as a patron number/id.