College Reminders

    Mrs. Jagielski's College & Career Virtual Presentation

    Seniors, make sure you get your college applications in before scholarships deadlines. If you are not sure what they are, look on the college’s website. Once your admission applications are in, investigate departmental scholarships if you have declared a major. These may or may not require separate applications, so pay attention what you need to do when. Some colleges require a separate scholarship application, or a financial aid narrative to be submitted by a specific date.

    To help in your scholarships search, visit which allows you to type in the name of a college and pull up their scholarship list.

    If you are planning to play sports in college, be sure you are signed up with the NCAA or NAIA website.

    The FAFSA will be available January 1. If you need assistance call 256-372-4600 and ask for Marcus Crutcher or James Thomas and request a free consultation with them at NACEE (North Alabama Center for Educational Excellence).

    Scholarships come from a variety of sources. The largest source of academic scholarships is from the specific colleges. Most colleges have scholarship funds for students with particular skills and abilities as well as demonstrated academic evidence. Inquire at the specific institution for more information. Most colleges prefer you apply online. Contact the financial aid office of your college or university to schedule an appointment. Ask for any lists of scholarships or other aid available to students. Beware of scholarships scams. There is no need to pay for information about scholarships.

    Juniors Have Free Access to ACT Online Prep. All juniors received a personal user name and password to the ACT Online Prep website. This is a great resource to be used in preparing for the ACT Plus Writing assessment which will be given to all of our juniors students during school in the spring. All students are strongly encouraged to utilize this service provided to us. For more information, visit