Degrees and Certifications:

Jeanette Henderson

My name is Jeanette Henderson.  I am a graduate of Athens State University.  I have a masters degree from Tennessee State University.  I am a part of the science department here at Hazel Green High School.  I have been teaching since 1998. I joined HGHS in 2013.  I am also a part of the athletic department here at Hazel Green High School. Below you will find the course(s) that I teach.

Earth and Space Science

Earth and Space Science Elective Core introduces students to an advanced study of perspectives of the universe from Earth as well as future challenges and technologies required for space exploration.  This science course will follow the course of study as prescribed by the Alabama State Department of Education.  Technology will be utilized to enhance skills learned.  Skills such as reading graphs, analyzing charts, evaluating weather maps, and interpreting diagrams will be stressed.  The students will cooperatively utilize critical-thinking and problem solving skills while performing scientific investigations and explorations.