Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree,English, University of Alabama Huntsville Bachelor's Degree, Philosophy, University of Alabama Huntsville Master's Degree, English Literature, University Alabama Huntsville

Mr. Hustion Carter

 Mr. Carter teaches 8th grade English at Sparkman Middle School. He is so wise in the ways of English language arts that many people assume him to be a Rhodes scholar or possibly the poet laureate of Toney, Alabama. A former student of SMS himself, he already knows most of your parents and has their contact information at the ready - should it be necessary to access it. His best friend and roommate, Keiser, is a German shepherd, and together they enjoy sharing meals and doing outdoorsy guy stuff - such as practicing for UFC matches and the like. He also has a wife, Kristi, but she is not a German shepherd - only a lovely lady. In his free time, Mr. Carter enjoys sending memes and terrible dad jokes to his friends and coworkers. His classroom is without decor, as he prefers for his students to send him their favorite memes in hopes that he can paper his classroom walls with them. His favorites are anything involving "Baby Yoda" and  "weird cats."