New Hope Community Learning Center Clubs (NHCLC)

  • In 2010 The CARE Center, in partnership with New Hope Elementary School, was awarded the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant. The grant formed New Hope Community Learning Center (NHCLC) which operates on the NHS campus. NHCLC provides our second - eighth grade students the opportunity to participate in after school clubs. These clubs connect the dots to school day learning during the afternoon hours. Each club engages students in a fun and exciting way using STEM. Clubs vary every six - eight weeks and students are allowed to change clubs with each registration period. In the past, the program has offered clubs such as Archery Club, Robotics Club, Top Chef Club, Home Sweet Habitat Club, tutoring clubs, and more! There's even a yearly theatrical production performed for our community!

    In partnership with the Huntsville YMCA, NHCLC also hosts Power Scholars Academy during the summer months. This camp provides summer learning loss prevention during June and July. In addition to learning loss prevention in reading and math, students have fun daily activites and weekly field trips.

    If you would like more information on the NHCLC after school or summer program, please contact the NHCLC Site Director, Mrs. Brandi Sampson.

Contact Us

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    Brandi Sampson
    NHCLC Site Director
    256.851.3260 (ext 33149)