FLL Robotics Team

  • Walnut Grove participates in the FIRST LEGO League robotics competition. Fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students are eligible to join the team. The FLL program strives to encourage interest in science and technology while emphasizing teamwork and problem solving.

    The competition consists of 4 parts:

    1. Robot Design
    2. Robot Game
    3. Learning Challenge
    4. Core Values

    Robot Design
    Teams must design an autonomous robot using the EV3 brick and LEGO Technic parts. Judges question team members on design choices and consistency of the robot to perform designated tasks.

    Robot Game
    Each season a new game is designed with multiple missions worth various points. Teams follow instructions to build the mission pieces exactly to specification and place them on the game mat. Then, the team will decide which missions and what order to complete the missions in the 2 minutes allowed. The robot must be programmed to complete all the missions autonomously. The robot can only be touched when it is in base.

    Learning Challenge
    Each season a new theme is selected. Teams must identify a real world problem related to the theme, research existing solutions, and propose a new solution. The learning challenge includes identifying experts and coming up with a solution that is entirely new or uses existing ideas in a new way to effect a positive change in the identified problem. Teams must create a dynamic presentation to demonstrate their solution and share their work before the competition. Judges look for creativity, innovation, and the quality of the student's solution.

    Core Values
    Core Values are the foundation of the FIRST Lego League competition. Students must demonstrate that they understand and apply the 7 core values in their participation in FIRST and other aspects of their lives.

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