Principal's Message

  • “Education should lay the foundation and provide the framework for students to make positive choices so they may succeed in their chosen endeavors.  The opportunity to learn should be extended to anyone with the desire to be successful.”

    Mr. Hester would like for Sparkman Ninth Grade School to be recognized as the most rewarding educational experience of any student's academic career.  While breaking the barrier of the traditional 9TH – 12TH high school, it is important for us to make a grand statement that this concept is an exceptional avenue for students.  Building on our experiences and successes, it is vital that we continue to look for more ways to provide the best education possible for the students at this impressionable stage of their life.  It is vital that the groundwork that is laid during students' tenure at Sparkman Ninth Grade School be solid in order to give them a firm grip on the expectations of their last three years in high school.