Welcome to BMS

  • Welcome to Buckhorn Middle School! We are thrilled that your student will be here for the next 2 years. At BMS, all students can learn and will have opportunities to demonstrate what they learn as we assist in preparing them for the future. BMS will prepare and assist in the transition from elementary to secondary school.  Buckhorn Middle was created with this fact in mind and with the goal of equipping students with tools and know-how to enjoy a successful high school career.


    • Cultivate critical thinking, self-directed  learners, and foster leadership skills

    • Provide learning opportunities for middle school students that consist of differentiated instruction and common instructional approaches 

    • Promote 100% of middle grade students to 9th grade on time

    • Implement research-based teaching strategies that fit the needs of all learning styles

    • Improve student attendance

    • Foster an interdisciplinary team approach to make learning relevant

    • Maintain required study skills & critical thinking, as well as career research & decision-making classes for all students

    • Encourage 100% participation in clubs/extracurricular  activities