Principal's Messasge

  • Legacy Elementary School is a one-of-a-kind learning experience!

    Seldom will you come across an elementary school that promotes extra-curricular activities among children at such an early age; however, Legacy Elementary School is committed to changing the way we do “school.”  It is the Legacy philosophy that children be given as many opportunities as possible to develop leadership skills and take ownership of their school environment before going to the next level of learning. At Legacy, you will not find students quietly doing work at their desks.  Instead, you will find an environment with a heightened level of learning where students are placed at the head of the class. Over 85 percent of the third through fifth grade students are actively involved in leadership roles within the school. Legacy offers over 20 extracurricular activities ranging from Archery and Golf to student broadcasting and engineering teams.  A school store, a television station, a postal system, and one of the largest outdoor classrooms in the state of Alabama provide the educational structures that serve as the catalyst for developing deep levels of learning among our students. Legacy students can be found serving on budget committees, making decisions about what playground equipment should be ordered, writing scripts for the morning announcements, and preparing engaging environmental education activities for younger classes.  Students realize that their presence within the school is important and that they have a job to do, thus, giving Legacy one of the highest attendance rates in Madison County. The Legacy staff believes students should have their “minds busy and their hands dirty” every time they approach a skill. This experience-based learning has proven to be effective as Legacy has created a learning environment for ALL students.

    Legacy Elementary has not only been recognized by the state, but has also been nationally recognized for its many student-centered initiatives.  In 2010, Legacy was the recipient of a $50,000 State Farm Grant for its outstanding efforts in Environmental Conservation and Project-Based Learning.  In that same year, the Environmental Education Association of Alabama awarded the Best Environmental Education Program (BEEP) to our Project Pond. The Alabama Outdoor Classroom Program as well as the Alabama & National Wildlife Federation have certified Legacy’s “Outdoor Learning Laboratory”.  In 2010, the Legacy faculty and staff were recognized as a CLAS Banner School.  This award is only given to select schools across the state of Alabama who have demonstrated programs and initiatives that have substantially affected student learning and academic achievement.  One of Legacy’s most proud achievements was winning the 2012 Intel Schools of Distinction Award and being recognized as the top elementary school in the nation for science education.  In September 2012, a team from Legacy traveled to Washington D.C. to be recognized for this achievement. Our school also received substantial funding from Intel to continue our efforts in hands-on investigative experiences that prepare our students for 21st Century jobs in science, engineering, and mathematics.

    December 2014 marked another big accomplishment. Legacy was recognized by Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, Inc. as a Lighthouse School. A team of educators from Legacy received the prestigious Blue Ribbon Lighthouse Award at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  This honor recognizes our efforts towards school improvement as we redefined excellence at Legacy Elementary. Through this process, a new mission and vision statement was developed.  The mission of Legacy is to create students that LEAD by example, EXPLORE with passion, and SUCCEED in all their endeavors! Legacy Elementary School maintained the status of being a Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, Inc. Lighthouse School in 2018. 

    The tradition of excellence continued in 2018 as Legacy was just recognized by the Alabama Department of Education and U.S. Department of Education as an AL and U.S. Green Ribbon School! Washington D.C. will be receiving another team of educators from Legacy in September of 2018 as our efforts towards environmental and sustainability education are celebrated. We are so excited for our students and the entire Legacy family. Earning recognition from the U.S. Department of Education is such an honor and a testament to the hard work and commitment our school and community partners have made towards environmental education. We are very proud to be honored among so many incredible schools and will do our best to continue to embody what the U.S. Department of Education's Green Ribbon School award represents.

    As the head of the Leadership Team at Legacy Elementary, I consider it an honor to partner with you in the academic and social development of your child!  Our leadership team has accepted this opportunity with great enthusiasm and pride. We feel fortunate to serve in such an active and technologically advanced community and to work alongside an extraordinary team of teachers and support staff who value education and are sensitive to the needs and desires of your children.

    Mr. Anthony C. Thompson, Principal
    Legacy Elementary School