Principal's Message

  • New Hope Family,

    As we prepare to start the 2020-2021 school year virtually, we remain committed to our school mission: empower students to learn, lead, and love through partnerships with families and community.  As our students prepare to learn from home, our teachers are preparing to teach from school.  With support from our district and community partners, we will ensure that every family has the technology needed to access lessons and teacher support through Google Classroom and SchoolsPLP.  Both platforms work together allowing our teachers to create videos, assign lessons, administer assessments, and communicate with students via email and video conferences.  Although many of the lessons can be completed at times that are convenient for you and your child, our teachers will also arrange times during school hours to teach lessons, answer questions, and offer support. 

    As always, you are our most valuable partner when it comes to the education of your child.  Last spring, knowing that we might have to teach remotely for a portion of this year, we started identifying and purchasing online resources that would make learning at home easier for our families.  Along with Google Classroom and SchoolsPLP, your child will also have access to a variety of high-quality online resources that were purchased in the hopes of helping you at home.  Your child's teacher will make sure that you know about these resources closer to the start of the school year via virtual meetings.  We will also have a team of people on hand to support and answer questions related to technology needs and issues.

    Even though we are starting the year virtually, our hope is to eventually welcome our students back to school in a more traditional manner.  Many projects have been taking place in and around the building this summer to make our school the very best learning enviroment possible.  Projects include pressure washing, painting, and landscaping.  We also are making improvements to our small playground area and the gym.  We a moving forward with the hope and belief that our schools will return to normal at some point in the future.  Until then, we will do what we do best as a school...we will pull together, love our students, and make sure that learning continues.

    If you need anything or would like to partner with our school, you can reach me by calling 256.851.3260 or email at

    Dr. Jamie Burton


    New Hope Elementary School