Welcome to NHES

  • New Hope Family,

    One of the many things that makes our school EXTRA special is our "Tribe System." All of our students and staff are randomly sorted into one of four groups — our learning and leadership communities for students. Schools with a system like this in place rave about the impact it has on the educational experience. Students report how it helps them form friendships and closer bonds with peers. Teachers note how students perform at higher levels as they earn points for demonstrating excellence both academically and behaviorally.  As a school, we also believe our new Tribe System supports our school mission and vision statements.


    The Tribe System does the following:

    1. It creates a culture of belonging as students are recognized and cheered on by their peers for accomplishments that lift up the entire tribe. Throughout the year, parents and caregivers can also support their child's tribe as each tribe participates in various community service projects and competitions designed to be fun for all.
    2. It creates a school-wide community by creating opportunities for students to connect to staff and students in other classes and grades that share their tribe. Older students learn how to be leaders by mentoring and supporting younger students. Mentoring extends to teachers and staff who are also assigned a tribe.
    3. It builds character through a reward system that goes beyond earning a piece of candy for doing something good. Each individual achievement adds to a collective group, making the reward communal and social. Schools with this system in place report seeing huge benefits as students realize the impact good character has on their overall well-being.

    Looking forward to a wonderful year!

    Dr. Jamie Burton

    New Hope Elementary School