Endeavor Elementary Child Nutrition

  • About MCSS Child Nutrition Department

    The Endeavor Elementary School Cafeteria serves  142 breakfasts and  319 lunches each day. The meals provided are in compliance with USDA Regulations and meet the school meal initiative requirement.

    The primary objective of the child nutrition program is to make available to every student a nutritious, well-prepared and attractive meal every day. No child will be allowed to go hungry.

    Breakfast is served at Endeavor from 7:15-7:40 daily. Parents who wish for their child to eat breakfast should ensure they arrive by 7:30 in order to have time to eat and get to class on time.

    Lunch is served between 10:30-12:15 daily.

    Parents, grandparents, and other family members are invited to eat lunch with their children.  We do ask that lunch guests wait until after Labor Day to join us, in order to give us the opportunity to establish routines. However, if your child has a birthday before Labor Day and you wish to eat lunch with them, please let the front desk know of your request. Lunch guests will also not be allowed during our state assessment period.

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  • Lynne Wilson
    CNP Manager

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