Jobs for Alabama Graduates

  • Jobs for Alabama’s Graduates (JAG) identifies and provides educational support and success strategies for Alabama’s highest at-risk students.We partner JAG-eligible students with our Educational Specialists who mentor, equip, and provide the support needed to graduate and succeed after high school. 

    JAG is unique in that it serves students often overlooked. JAG-eligible students can face up to 33 barriers to success, including circumstances such as incarcerated parents, health problems, homelessness, has a dependent child or children in the home, or has a disability.

    Once the students are identified, the JAG Model is implemented by a JAG Specialist who works in-school with 35-45 students all on the pursuit to earning a high school diploma, securing an entry level quality job that leads to a career, and/or pursuing a postsecondary education.   

    JAG-Alabama is delivered through two model programs:  Senior Only and Multi-Year programs. JAG Model programs identify students who are most at-risk and possess a significant number of barriers to stay in school (there are 33 barriers that define an at-risk student). 

    Today, JAG operates 27 programs serving over 1,000 students in grades 9 to 12. JAG wasn't established to make a small difference; we were established with the vision to make the greatest possible impact on the future of Alabama.  

    Who qualifies?

    In Alabama, if a student possesses at least 5 of any of the JAG barriers, he/she is eligible to participate in the JAG program. Examples of barriers include: 

    • Child of an incarcerated parent 
    • Mother/father did not graduate from high school
    • Economically disadvantaged as defined by Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) or free lunch
    • Past record of excessive absences as verified by school officials
    • Lacks motivation or maturity to pursue education or career goals
    • Limited English proficiency
    • Basic skills deficient (reading and math in particular)
    • Homeless

    JAG students averaged two barriers higher than the national minimum level to participate. To see the full list of JAG barriers see our barrier list.


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