School Information

  • School Hours
    School hours are from 7:45 AM to 2:45 PM each day. The school office is open until 3:30 PM each school day. Students should not arrive earlier than 7:15 AM or remain on the campus later than 2:50 PM unless they are participating in a supervised activity.

    7:15 AM School doors open (South end by the cafeteria – North end at the bus drop off)
    7:15 AM Breakfast service begins
    7:40 AM Students are dismissed from the gym and cafeteria
    7:45 AM Class begins – students are considered tardy at this time
    2:45 PM Dismissal to buses and car pick-up line

    Checking In/Out
    Please come to the front desk in the main lobby area to check your child in and out of school. Please park in the front parking lot - NOT in the fire lane that is directly in front of the building. To avoid confusion about transportation last check-out time is 2:30 PM

    *** To ensure the safety of your child and our students, a picture ID will be required to check out a student. Anyone checking out your child must be documented on the emergency contact part of the current year student data sheet. ***

    Car riders can be dropped off using the south driveway (on the right when looking at the front of the school) beginning at 7:15 AM. Staff members will not be on duty until that time. The doors will be opened at 7:15 AM. Students will either go to breakfast, first period class, library, or computer lab under the supervision of a staff member. They will be dismissed to their classrooms at 7:40 AM. Class begins at 7:45 AM. If a student arrives after 7:45 AM, there will not be a staff member on duty. Therefore, the family must escort the student to the main lobby in order to sign them in for the day. For security purposes, the outer doors will lock after the 7:45 AM bell.

    Students arriving after 7:45 AM will be considered tardy. Punctuality is a virtue that the school endorses wholeheartedly. Students are expected to be in first period at 7:45 AM. When the first period commences at 7:45 AM, each student should be in his/her seat and ready for the taking of attendance.

    Procedure for lateness: If a student is late to school, he or she should report to the front desk and sign in. They will be issued a pass to class. Then the student should report to the assigned class, even if it is near the end of the period. If tardiness results in a missed test, quiz, or other in-class graded exercise, it must be completed during the same school day.

    Students who accumulate more than 2 unexcused tardies in a 9 week period will be assigned after school detention until 3:30pm for each tardy after the 2nd. Each 9 weeks this will start over.

    School dismisses at 2:45 PM. Staff on duty will remain with students in the car rider line for 20 minutes. At 3:05 PM, students who are still remaining on campus will be taken to the Extended Day Enrichment Program and a $10 fee will be charged.

    Buses will load and unload on the north end (to the left when looking at the front of the school) of the school building.

    It is important for us to know (and for your child to know) how students will be transported to and from school.  We realize transportation may be different the first few days. Please put this in writing so your child’s teacher will know. This will eliminate confusion, not only for our staff, but for your child.

    During the school year, if there will be any change to the method of afternoon transportation, we must be notified in writing of this change. You must notify us in one of the following four ways; send in a written note, come in, send a fax or email our registrar, Scarlett Maples, at or in case of extreme emergency you may call (256) 851-4700.

    PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU GET A RESPONSE - NO MATTER WHICH WAY YOU CHOOSE TO NOTIFY US. If you don’t get a response your child will be sent home their regular way.