• NASP has taught archery skills to over 18 million students, 47% for the first time, inspired participants to investigate other archery and outdoor activities, encouraged students to work harder in the classroom, helped students to feel more connected to their school, and has awarded nearly $1.6 million in cash scholarships to NASP students.

    RIS wants to encourage students who are interested in Archery, to remember that this is a competitive and precision sport that requires a high level of discipline and respect.  As archers, we strive to shoot our best while competing with integrity.  Honesty is an expectation, sportsmanship, and composure, an obligation.  We encourage others and understand our responsibility to self-officiate and protect the field with an overall goal of bringing the archery way into everyday life.

    We want archery to encourage students to maintain positive behavior, provide them self-confidence, maintain better grades, improve focus and goal setting; also to help improve discipline, attendance, patience, and motivation.  Once boys and girls enjoy the thrill of archery success, they realize they can accomplish many things with proper instruction, practice, and a positive attitude.  As NASP’s BAI we want to make the program an enjoyable and safe experience for the students.