Phone: 256.851.4550


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S.E. Secondary ELA Education, University of Alabama (2015) B.A. Theatre, University of Alabama (2015) Youth Mental Health First Aide Certified

Ms. Emily Lewis

Career Experience: Theatre and English in Alabama public schools, 2016 - Present; Executive Director for the Players in Progress Theatre Company, 2011 - Present

2024 Classes: Theatre 8, MVP Drama Club - Director

My name is Emily Lewis, "Miss L" to my students, and I love nothing in the world more than stories. I spend all my time reading them, writing them, listening to them, and of course bringing them to life on the stage. I find that children make especially good storytellers, which is why I love to make theatre with them. I have been directing youth theatre for more than a decade -- in public schools, at professional and educational workshops, and even with my own theatre company founded as a teen, The Players in Progress.

I believe (and know, based on my award-winning collegiate research) that students need the fine arts; kids learn and grow best when they get to be active, creative, and collaborative in the classroom. Performing lets them find their voice, their passion, and ultimately their story. Then, they get to share it with the world, and have the world actually listen.

"Take a Bow, Come Up Taller"